We are a non-profit organization with a voluntary board of directors, first established as Missionaries Habitats in 2004 and in 2016 changed our name to Seekers International Foundation. We are an organization that partners with individuals, parents, churches, as well as public and private entities to provide hope, life skills training and community service opportunities to all young people from every walk of life from a decidedly biblical perspective.

We strive as an organization to come along side all young people and their parents to help them realize their true worth and prepare them to live out the purpose for their lives through life skills training, community service and authentic worship. While in this process we partner with parents to model the Judeo-Christian ethic to their children and instill in our young people the sense of honesty, integrity, faithfulness, responsibility and compassion. Furthermore, we ignite in our young people the unwavering drive to succeed in life both personally and professionally. We do this by giving them the tools to be proactive, set their priorities, keep their focus on their goals and be victorious over the areas of personal, public and spiritual leadership in their lives.

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